Drink Review: Gongcha Alisan Cha

Gongcha Alisan Cha -S$2.50 at all Gongcha outlets
Gongcha is one of the bigger players in the Singapore bubble tea market. I tend to prefer it over koi as the sugar level chosen tend to reflect it accurately. Koi drinks tend to be too sickeningly sweet to me, but that's just my opinion. 

I absolutely adore the "Gongcha" range of Gongcha teas. They have a creamy frothy layer of "milk" made up of likely just well-blended coffee creamer. You can choose the option of drinking the milky layer or not. I enjoy sipping a small mouthful near the end >_< but not the entire thing as it tends to be rather unhealthy. The milky layer is lightly dusted with green tea powder that seems more of for aesthetic purpose than for influencing the taste of the tea.
The Alisan tea itself is rather fragrant and you can tell the quality of the tea is quite good, judging from the slight bitter taste and its aroma. 
Sugar level of 0,30,70,100% can be selected. 30% is fairly sweet in my opinion and when you add toppings to it 30% is too sweet for me. Nonetheless if this were sweet, Koi's tea would be a bag of sugar. 
In short, me likey this tea. Haha.
The milky froth.


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