Simple DIY oatmeal toner (great for sensitive skin)

Simple and easy to make- an oatmeal toner to soothe your skin. 

DIY oatmeal toner (great for sensitive skin)

Benefits of oatmeal
(which I've discovered on my own and is corroborated by the net):
  •   soothing
  •   brightening
  •   moisturising  
( yes! Who needs chemicals like the glycols to moisturise your skin anyway?)

Things You'll Need

1.    oatmeal (here I use instant oats but if you can, get organic ones.)
2.    hot water


  1. Scoop out oatmeal into a glass/ceramic/wooden bowl.
  2. Refrain from using plastic if possible, especially if it's cheap plastic as we don't want some of the chemicals to seep into your oatmeal! Here I am using a ceramic bowl.
  3.   Pour hot water into the bowl and stir using a spoon.
  4. If it is instant oats, leave it alone for a minute or two and the oat will automatically be cooked.
  5.   Add more water or more oats to achieve the desired consistency.
  6. I prefer a thicker milky texture(to increase its moisturizing power) so I used more oats and stir thoroughly.

You should be able to get the milky oatmeal water

4.   (optional)Pour the milky oatmeal layer above the cooked oats through a strainer and into another bowl/container. 
Leave the oatmeal water to cool.
5.   Pour the oatmeal water into a plastic toner bottle once cooled.
6.   (Optional): Add essential oils like tea tree oil which have anti-bacterial properties to prolong the shelf life.
7.   Store in the refrigerator and dispose off within 3-5 days or when the smell and colour changes.

P.S: I like to make small batches of toner such as in 60ml-100ml bottles as it’s easy to use them up within a few days.

viola, oatmeal toner!


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