In-depth Skincare Review: NARUKO Rose and Snow Fungus Night Eye Gelly

 Naruko Rose and Snow Fungus Night Eye Gelly -$23.90 at (for Singapore residents) 

So here's the in-depth review of this awesome gelly. My mother actually bought this on a 50% clearance sale from think it was ~6months from expiry).

Naruko's Rose and Snow Fungus range is meant for dry skin types. The collection consists of a toner, lotion, moisturizer, night gelly, eye gelly, etc. There's even a new HA jelly lotion that looks pretty cool. 
The entire range is ultra moisturizing and thus the texture of this eye gelly is very thick. Note: It's not creamy or oily! Just really gooey. In terms of all the Naruko gellies I've tried, this is the thickest of them all. 
As the name suggests, it smells rosey. However it is unlike actual rose smell, probably due to the use of other essential oils in this product. Naruko products focus on aromatheraphy thus expect to smell quite strong scents from all its products, which are derived solely from essential oils. No artificial fragrances are added.
And here's how it looks like.
The classy violet glass bottle the eye gelly is stored in. It can be reused once you're done with it-just simply tear off the sticker. 
The thick gooey texture

Anyway, this product is an eye gelly, and its purported function is to seal in the eye cream applied beforehand. I do know of many who strictly adhere to this. However. I believe that only you know your skin best - does it really require an eye cream AND an eye gelly? Naruko is also known to advise people to know their skin well too and not follow rigidly. (at least, from what I've observed).
As I have oily skin (which turns ridiculously oily under stress) and do not face the problem of dry eyes but have the issue of eye bags due to gruelling school hours, I would need an eye product to help get rid of my scary eye bags of doom.
Since I have seen Naruko YouTube videos teaching people "eye massage" techniques that will help reduce your eye bags, I decided to try it and viola! It works quite well!
Here's some (badly) taken photos of my eye with and without using the product
Before product use:
Eye bag of doom. Note, I was smiling in this picture.

After product use(morning shot):
And here's another shot, with me smiling with all my might to get the eye bag out.
See, even my semi- double eye lid are showing! But the eye bag was still not as severe. Without the product my eye bags would still be quite apparent in the morning. 
So this product does make your eyes look more awake. Yay!
Verdict: awesome product, I shall repurchase it.
My only gripe is perhaps the short time of 6 months before the product must be tossed away due to the lack of strong preservatives in Naruko products. As the texture is very thick I require only a really small amount and I wonder if I can finish it in six months. Thankfully I'm sharing this with mum so it probably won't be so bad :) 


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