Drink Review: Pokka Lemon Tea

Image from www.pokka.com.sg
Price for a 500ml bottle: S$1.00~$3.00 depending on where you buy it from 

Pokka is a Japanese drinks brand which can be found readily in stores throughout Singapore. It offers a wide variety of drinks but its fruit flavored teas seem to be very popular, considering its ever-increasing varieties. Besides lemon tea, they have strawberry, mango, blueberry and a recently added pineapple tea, just to name a few.
This is actually my favourite brand of mass-based lemon tea.
Pokka flavored teas do actually taste like tea instead of something synthetic, which I've seemed to observed in drinks like F&N's Lemon Tea(and in fact, I loathe F&N's flavoured teas with a vengeance).  I think that's quite important for a semi health conscious person like me. 
It is a rather sweet drink, and one should not drink too much sweet stuff >__< but the sweetness is well blended with the taste of tea and a subtle hint of lemony goodness.
The only lemon tea I've tasted that is better than this comes from The Soup Spoon but that drink costs $2.90 while this costs $1.00 a bottle if you buy it from my school's vending machine.
How I judge a good lemon tea would be whether there is authentic tea taste in it and the presence of real lemon juice that shouldn't overpower the taste of tea. This drink seems to accomplish it quite well.
The downside is that, like most mass based drinks, it's more sugar than anything else. While I can taste the real tea in it, it is a very diluted tea >_< that's perhaps my largest gripe with this drink- I'd have preferred it to be less diluted with a stronger tea taste.
Nonetheless, it is a refreshing drink on a hot sunny day in our ever inferno-like Singapore. I have found it tastes the best when you chill it slightly. Too cold a drink makes it hard to enjoy the taste of the drink while when it is unchilled, it settles uncomfortably in such a hot weather.


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