Quick Review: Crabtree & Evelyn Jojoba Oil range

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Crabtree & Evelyn is one of my favourite toiletries brand. They feel very luxurious (and their prices are "luxury prices" too!). I've once asked a C&E salesperson in Aussie what makes their products stand out. Her reply? The scents.

All Crabtree & Evelyn products contain exquisite scents with a variety of ranges that often come with a body lotion, shower gel, body powder and other related toiletries.  

I particularly love the Jojoba Oil range as the smell is very delightful. It smells lightly musky with the sweet scent of herbs. I find it hard to describe the scent perfectly but I have smelt similar smells when I visit 5-star hotels. Thus, C&E's Jojoba Oil range makes me feel very luxurious, if that's the word to use! Plus, the scent is very comforting too.

While jojoba oil is marketed for dry skin types, I used their body lotion before and it's pretty dang awesome even for people with normal skin types. The lotion sinks in quickly and leaves my skin scented :D

A downside to the jojoba oil range would be that it still contains parabens. Crabtree has yet to reformulate this wonderful range, which kinda sucks. However, reformulation sometimes scares me as the prices will be jacked up and products removed. Another downside is that for people allergic to scents, they should steer away from C&E's products as they are indeed heavily scented.

Well, that's a quick review of C&E's jojoba oil range. 
Have you used it before? Will you use it?

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