First Impressions: TheFaceShop Clean Face Acne Solution Foam Cleansing

The Face Shop Clean Face Acne Solution Foam Cleansing retails for S$14.90 at all The Face Shop outlets.

Hey everyone!
Today's a quick "first impressions" of The Face Shop's Acne Solution Foam Cleansing.
I've been doing a lot of "first impressions" and quick reviews recently because I am simply too busy to do my in-depth ones!

Well, I bought this after I fell in love with the smell. It is green-tea scented! Mmm. My mother managed to coerce the sales staff into giving her a sample of it (yeah, my mother's a sucker for samples and yeah, Singaporean salespersons are all so stingy when it comes to their pathetically small samples).
I've said I loved Elizabeth Arden's green tea eau de parfum and this smells like it! So green tea-ish and lovely.
I think this is best suited for oily skin types because it does give your skin that "squeaky clean" feeling. I *think* drier skin types wouldn't enjoy having their skin feeling even more squeaky clean. 
This foams up well, just like regular cheap cleansers. I'm not so sure of it's supposed properties to cleanse your pores and "tighten" them cause it sounds gimmicky to me. But, I haven't used it for long so I can't really gauge its efficiacy.

It contains triclocarban which has anti-bacterial properties - great for getting rid of the overwhelming p-acnes bacteria on problematic teenage skin!
Do note it also contains parabens like methyl- and propylparaben.
And, it contains disodium EDTA.
I'm not so particular when it comes to parabens and EDTA ingredients in soaps because I don't let them absorb into my skin like lotions and whatnot (i.e, it doesn't stay on my skin for more than a minute). And, the bathroom is a hot and humid place where things can spoil easily.

Anyway, that's about it all for "first impressions" of this cleanser :)

Thumbs up for:
Lovely scent
Ability to degrease oily skin types

Thumbs down:
May be quite harsh to use it daily

Thanks for reading!
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