Skincare Review: Laneige Balancing Emulsion Light

Laneige Balancing Emulsion (Light) RRP S$45 at all Laneige counters

Well, firstly, the price may have changed as I have this in my possession for over a year.
I initially wanted to throw it away but thankfully I did not. (I was in a no-skincare tirade since I over-loaded on them and ended up causing skin irritations).
I'm left with around half a bottle and I honestly don't need a lot for my face. 
I use just one pump which is a pea-sized amount for my face.}
The purpose of the emulsion is to restore your skin's pH level and provide some moisturisation. 
I got the 'light' one which is for oily skin types. 
Texture-wise it is a cream-gel (more gel-like) and it absorbs quickly into your skin leaving a slightly matte finish. I rub it in my palms to warm the emulsion up before applying and I find it absorbs faster that way.
It smells like the signature Laneige fragrance. Pleasant but synthetic and over-powering for me.
I love the beautiful plastic bottle it is stored in. I think I will not throw it away even after I'm done using it. I'd store something in it as it is just too beautiful. 

The pretty pump dispenser.
Small nozzle allows quantity dispensed to be controlled.

A short sidetrack but basically I loathe it when companies use expensive packaging but don't have refill packs. Our poor, poor environment!
I believed this used to be stored in a glass bottle, which can be more easily reused in my opinon.
Anyway, in all honesty, I don't think this bottle is necessary. However if you've got really oily skin you could use it as a moisturiser as its moisturising properties are minimal.
Also, if you are scared of weird ingredients I think Laneige products still contain parabens and whatnot. Thus I'm unlikely to be repurchasing.


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