First Impressions: Watsons members-only Sale mini haul (27/12/12)

Wow, time flies! It's now near the end of 2012! Hah, take that you people-who-believe-that-doomsday-was-gonna-happen!
Today's Watson's final private member sale for the year of 2012! I popped by one of their stores to check out the stuff on sale.
In all honesty, I didn't get much items since my house was pretty much stocked with their products.

Oh Watsons, you and your sales just make Singaporeans go crazy stocking up on stuff. 

I absolutely love/hate their promotions which are the “2 for 1” kind where you have to buy more than one of the same item just to get the discount. Bleh!

Anyway, I just grabbed 3 items and I’m gonna do some quick introduction on them! :3
Evidently, it's a mini mini haul.

First up, is Majoromantica Fragrance/Perfume from Majolica Majorca. I had a 10+5% off for this. RRP is $25.90
Majoromantica is part of MM’s Chapter 35 series. I think it’s called Chapter 35: Dream Circus.
The packaging.
It smells like berries and vanilla but quickly dries down to this vanilla-smelling scent that I find slightly cloying. It almost screams “I’m subtly slutty” to me. I think that’s just because I don’t particularly like vanilla/girly scents. I wonder why I bought it. Anywho, I love how it is stored in a classy glass bottle. You apply the perfume through the wand inside the glass bottle. A tad unhygienic, methinks.
Classy glass bottle and the wand applicator

The pretty Majolica Majorca emblem on the top of the bottle
Stickers provided for you to decorate and personalise your Majoromantica!

Next, is Liese’s Fruity Hair Cocktail
RRP: 15.90 (I got it at 13.50)
I’ve been eyeing this for a long while now. But since I don’t use hair products diligently (My Ascience hair serum lasted me for 3 years!), I waited till I finally needed a serum.
It smells fabulously of synthetic peach; almost like the Pink Dolphin peach-flavoured drink I’ve drank since young. Very juicy smelling. I hope the smell lasts when applied on my hair :D
Oh, and this can be applied on dry hair too! Yay.
Liese hair serum in its packaging.

The bottle itself

Lastly, this random bottle of feminine wash from Lactayd. Their latest “whitening” wash. RRP $2.50 for 60ml (I had a 30+5% discount!!)
In all honesty I just needed a feminine wash. The idea of something being whitening seems scary and phoney to me. It even boasts that results can be seen in a couple of weeks. So, is my private area gonna become sparkling white? The thought scares me.
Oh, and the funny part was the large 250ml bottle was on offer at $11.90 which meant no further discount was applicable. The 60ml bottle costs ~$1.60. 60x4 = 240ml, price = $6.50
Trolololol. Me love sales logic fallacy. There’s also this set of earbuds going for $1 each and promotion was 2 for $3! Amazing.

Anyway, that’s  about it all for my mini mini haul :3

Thanks for reading!


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