Quick haircare review: Essential Rich Premier Conditioner

Essential Rich Premier conditioner -$2.00 for 70ml at all Watsons outlets, Singapore. 
It comes in larger sizes too but I forgot their prices. 
Anywho, I think for common brands like this you can get them waaaay cheaper at parallel import stores like Venus. 

Here's a quick review on this product. I shall update on a  later date with the ingredients list.
Basically I think this conditioner is great for dry hair types as it nourishes well and leaves your hair silky smooth. This, like most drugstore conditioners, contain many silicon derivatives which thus account for its hair-smoothing ability. 
All you need is a small 1-2cm length squeezed from the tube. I leave it on my hair for a minute before rinsing. It does make my hair more moisturised and less frizzy, although I think for perfect hair you will need to use other hair products on top of it. 
The bad side is this product may not be so suitable for oily skin and oily hair types like me, because I've noticed I have a few pimples at the back of my neck T_T after using it for a week. 
I do not happen to like the fragrance too, which is really overpowering. I don't really know how to describe it at the moment, but shall update later. The fragrance isn't offensive but it is synthetic and strong which lingers around the whole day. 
I probably won't repurchase it since I honestly don't need something so rich. 


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