Drink Review: Charlie's Mango Whole Fruit Smoothie

This retails for S$3.95(AUD 3.12) at Cold Storage outlets, Singapore

This is the single-serving bottle from Charlie's, an Australian brand of fruit juices.
I bought this bottle after deciding that I should be drinking healthier drinks instead of the bubble teas from Gongcha and Drink Tea(they're great, by the way).

This drink contains apples, mangoes, oranges, bananas, passionfruits and pineapples which boasts an equivalent of 2 fruit servings. It is also dairy free and does not use preservatives. According to Charlie's, they use fresh fruits for the smoothies, which is a plus point.
Most of the drink is made of apples (at least 50% I believe) so the proportions of the other (more expensive) fruits are actually rather minute.

Nonetheless, this is an extremely zesty, sweet drink. The sour-sweet taste of the fruits kinda hits your tastebuds with full force and made me scrunch my face a little. There is an evident after-taste of bananas in this drink which is quite alright as I do like the taste of bananas. (Side note: apparently bananas are full of goodness. They help to retain memory, which is great for students like me! Though, I wonder if it's just a marketing ploy by banana farmers/planters. Hah)

Texture-wise the smoothie is slightly thick just like a smoothie (hahaha.) and it isn't hard to swallow it despite the pieces of blended fruit. I absolutely cannot stand smoothies which are too thick. Makes me feel icky drinking them.

So this drink gets a thumbs up from me.

I'd think that it's expensive considering most fruit-based drinks in Singapore stores cost around a dollar or two for a single-serving bottle. However, because I compare Charlie's drinks to perhaps those served at Starbucks, I think it is decent. And not to forget that their products are wholesome fresh fruits instead of low quality fruits with preservatives and chemicals and whatnot(I paraphrased from their words, heh).
Lastly, I'm keen on trying the other smoothies by Charlie's. So far I have tried their Berry Whole Fruit Smoothie which is also fairly decent.


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