First Impressions: L'occitane The Vert (Green Tea) EDT

The Vert Green Tea EDT retails for S$85(100ml) or S$37(20ml)
The Vert Green Tea solid perfume costs $15.50 for 7g

Helllloooo green tea! 
So, under the stress from work and the need for something uplifting, I've caved in and bought myself L'occitane's green tea EDT despite it's hefty price tag. My favourite Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea cost me a mere S$19.90 at discount stores.

Anywho, Thé Vert comes in a chunky glass bottle that would sit solidly on anyone's dressing table. Apparently, this is a unisex scent.

My first impressions of it are:

1. The scent
I didn't really like it when it was sprayed on the sample paper in the store. I felt it smelt more floral than green tea. But I bought it anyway cause I've heard raves about it on (which I have an account there). Thankfully, it smells wonderful on my skin! I definitely get the scent of green tea, mate tea, jasmine flower, citrus and a herbal drydown. It smells more mellow than EA's Green Tea which is sharper and more synthetic smelling (not that I mind for this scent), probably due to the presence of jasmine flower which isn't overpowering at all. Green Tea with citrus and hints of jasmine, baby!

2. The Spray
The nozzle ensures that a huge dose of EDT is dispense, unlike EA's small nozzle. It's easier to cover a big area with this, so me likey.

3. The longevity and sillage
Mmm, definitely way more longevity than Elizabeth Arden's GT! For the first two hours the sillage is definitely observable by those in close proximity to you but after that the scent sits close to the skin. 

Well, that's about it all for a quick review on this EDT that I got today!
Do you own one?
Will you own one?
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