{{In-depth Review}}: L'occitane The Vert Eau de Toilette (Green Tea)

L'occitane The Vert EDT retails for S$85 from L'occitane boutiques, Singapore

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I'm back to share with you an in-depth review of L'occitane's The Vert, which has become a favourite of mine these days!

The Vert is a green-tea range from L'occitane with accompanying set of toiletries such as the bath gel (S$33) and body lotion (S$48). There used to be a portable solid perfume but it has since been discontinued :( I never got the chance to grab one, boohoo. But, you could always fill your portable perfume atomizer with L'occitane's The Vert and it's good to go, too!

Back to the product itself!

I bought this after reading reviews from Fragrantica about how fantastic it is and a great formidable rival to Elizabeth Arden's green tea parfum. It is packaged in this hexagonal-like green box with swirly motifs, as depicted below. The cardboard box is quite flimsy.

The packaging

It's a total splurge for me because this costs a whopping 85 bucks compared to my EA's Green Tea parfum. But lo, do I love this baby.

According to L'Occitane, this eau de toilette consists of the following notes:

Top notes  bitter orange and orange 
Middle notes green tea, mate and jasmine
Base notes  nutmeg, cedar and thyme

L'Occitane's fragrances are not 100% natural but they do strive to use natural ingredients whenever possible, as evidenced from the ingredients list below (the asterisks denote natural origins): 

Initially, I could not detect the smell of bitter orange nor orange. All I smelt was green tea, mate, jasmine and a herbal-dry down. This smells like sweetened tea, but it's not an artificially sweetened tea kind of smell. There is a bitterness to it, which is happily complemented by the dash of jasmine. The smell on my skin is one which is citrusy and tea-like. Funny thing is, although it is not stated that any other citrus notes were used, I detected a hint of L'Occitane's Verbana in this eau de toilette. It's subtle but there.

Then, one fine day I decided to spray some at the back of my neck, which meant the perfume got to mingle with my hair. It was then I detected the scent of orange and bitter orange, and it smelt like orange green tea. Very interesting.

Overall, The Vert fares well in our humid and hot weather as the blast of sweet tea eases the feeling of the searing heat outside. It is a great refreshing scent and an alternative to those who dislike citrus perfumes. And, it's great for those who do not particularly like sharp green tea scents like Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea parfum. The Vert is delightfully mellow but never ceases to retain its lovely green tea aura.

The sillage is moderate for the first hour or so and becomes progressively soft. I love to spray this at my neck area so I can smell the fragrance the entire day. Typically 3-4 sprays will suffice; 1/2 spray(s) on the neck, one at my back and one at the back of my knees. I find that for me, the scent doesn't last at all when I apply it to my wrists, no matter what perfume it is. I guess I have strange wrists since it's a common pulse point to spray at. 

Longevity is impressive. On my clothes the scent can linger for an entire day or more since there was once whereby I smelt my shirt which I used 2 days ago and was pleasantly surprised to smell a not-so-subtle scent of The Vert left on it. On skin, the scent will lasts around 3-5 hours, which is decent since perfumes really do not last on me at all. Compared to Elizabeth Arden's green tea parfum which lasts barely an hour on me, this is fantastic news.

Oh, and the nozzle for The Vert dispenses a generous mist of perfume, which is unlike the typical perfumes I have in my stash. This leaves a pleasant green tea scent lingering in my room after I apply it to my skin :)
The cute nozzle

In all, I do love The Vert and hope to continue purchasing it, despite its hefty price tag for a student like me. I'm all about aromatherapy and this is a serious revitaliser! 

Whew, it's been a while since I did an in-depth review!
Hope this was of use to you, my dear reader
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