Skincare Review: Khiel's Ultra Facial Oil Free Gel Cream

Khiel's Ultra Facial Oil Free Gel Cream S$48 (~US$39) from Khiel's outlets

This was a terrible moisturiser.
I bought it out of impulse after my friend raved about it.
This is an extremely expensive moisturiser considering how Naruko's is much better at half the price. 
I'm sad that I went against my judgment when buying this despite realizing that alcohol is the second ingredient on the list. It should have sounded my alarm bells :(
The sales guy was so pushy. He kept recommending me exorbitantly priced product like their anti acne balm or whatever it's called that costs 100 bucks. I think they earn comission, which explains their crazy sales behaviour. A major turn off.
Anyway, my friend had much better results with this and in fact she calls it her holy grail product. So I'd break down the pros and cons of this product.

The good:
  1. Oil free moisturiser! Great for oily skin types. 
  2. Interesting texture which absorbs pretty well
  3. Helps keep oiliness at bay for those with slightly oily skin.
  4. Just a small amount will suffice. One jar lasts a long time.
  5. Silicone free! Silicone, I've discovered, is terrible for people with comedonal acne such as myself cause it seems to form a film over my face which encouraged more acne bacteria to be trapped below my skin =(
  6. Refreshing smell. As blue as the plastic jar it came in.

The bad:
  1. Sucks for sensitive skin types. This caused bumps all over my face which I initially didn't know the cause to. Thus I visited a doctor and was prescribed 40 antibiotic pills. I kept away from this product until much later when my skin recovered(I slowly reintroduced the products I used). Upon reusing it the bumps and tightness came back. So this was the culprit.
  2. Although it absorbs quite well it leaves a shiny layer.
  3. Didn't work for my super oily stressed skin.
  4. Lasts quite a while. Having a headache on what to do with it. Ended up as a feet moisturiser.
  5. The container is beyond unhygienic. It is in a jar! You have to scoop it using your fingers, which introduces bacteria, germs, etc. they could have included a spatula, like Naruko's night gellies(despite Naruko products being way cheaper).

In conclusion, sensitive skin people, stay the hell away from this gel cream.


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