Skincare Review: Skinfood Peach Sake

Peach Sake Toner & Emulsion - S$11.70 each at DFS Changi

Oh gosh, I honestly have been lemming for Skinfood's Peach Sake range since forever. I'm quite a sucker for the scent of juicy peaches and this range nails it. Also the bottles are so delightfully cute! Look at them! Like petite little sake bottles for the skin!

Unfortunately, I did not manage to buy it for a long time as the steep prices at the local Skinfood outlets (read: $3x +++) was such a turn-off given that Skinfood doesn't seem particularly premium but commands a premium prices in our local stores. In fact, it is fairly affordable in Korea.

Fast forward…

I was at Changi's duty free arrival area the other day and spotted these little darlings going at just $11.70 per bottle! WHAT ON EARTH IS THIS REAL SOMEONE SLAP ME AM I DREAMING?! Well, it is true. It is soooooooooooo cheap compared to what was sold in the stores here. Needless to say, despite lugging back 20+ bottles of Naruko from Taiwan, I grabbed these two bottles along with 2 other skin food products and merrily trudged to the counter.

"I'LL TAKE THESE NOW THANK YOU!" I boomed at the sales staff. No, just kidding; although I am really quite psyched about the prices.

Pretty pretty
Just as I have remembered, the peach sake range smells so delightfully of happy, juicy peaches with an everlasting nectar supply. Just smelling them made me instantly happy and ready to dance into the rainbow and ride a unicorn ....heh.

Top: toner, bottom: emulsion.

This product provides almost zero moisturising ability and serves as a great oil reduction product for my T-zone areas, saving me the embarrassment of looking like a disco ball in our sunny Singapore.
I've only been using them for a couple of days so I might come back in the future to update on the post, if needed.

Till then, darlings. :)



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