Skincare Review: Naruko Apple Seed Toner

Naruko Apple Seed Toner
   Hello to all y'all people out there actually reading this review.
I bought this toner on an impulse buy during's promotion. I believe it was on 50% off when I grabbed this on a whim. Truth to be told, I have long eyed this particular range which boasted the ability to radically brighten the skin and eradicate dark spots (e.g freckles).

I liked that the toner is in a lovely aqua green colour - which I find highly soothing and refreshing. The product itself is a viscous liquid which made it seem like it was a lot more moisturising than the typical liquid toners. Here's a picture taken with my Hizztech patent camera clip using the 4x macro lens. Pardon the garish lines on my hands - macro shots does bring out the worst in my skin heh.

In all, I think it did helped to brighten my skin when I used in conjunction with the serum. However, my gripe is that it leaves a 'filmy' texture on the skin possibly due to the propylene glycol in the ingredients. I find such products really icky so … nah, I'll pass on this toner once it is used up. The winner of this range for me is actually its eye-gel, which I am inclined to blog about in the (hopefully) near future.

Until then.


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