NOMNOM Review: Lindt Creation Mint Supreme

Lindt Creation Mint Supreme - 33kr (approx S$6)

Ah, I've always had a soft spot for mint.

Mint ice cream, mint flavoured chocolates, mint tea….I mint it (heheheh puny).

After walking past the chocolates on the shelves in ICA, Hemk√∂rp and other grocery stores, I could not help but get lured into grabbing one of the awfully enticing chocolate bars by Lindt. I'm a die-hard fan of Lindt's dark chocolate with sea salt, and my insane need for it led to several amusing incidents of me exerting all effort in getting it -  it included begging a cousin to bring over some from Australia in the days when it was unavailable, hunting down every single chocolate store known locally, and hoarding supplies when I was in the land Down Under.

Anyway, Lindt's Mint Supreme is rather good. One bite into it reveals the beautiful mix of dark, seductive bittersweet chocolate and a creamy mint filling that tastes vegetal, almost like actual mint leaves. The creamy dark chocolate fills my mouth with such rich texture that it almost feels like I'm slowly being led into some sort of gothic, forbidden romance. Then the mint slides in-between the cocoa, sending a light, refreshing feel to save me from sinking into the abyss…

Pretty chocolate squares :D

Well, this gave me quite the foodgasm, if I could put it that way. A marriage of lovely smooth dark chocolate and melt-in-your mouth mint makes it a delightful treat. However, I am a sucker for the refreshing sensation of mint in chocolates and think that I still needed more mint in this! The mint filling, while refreshing, was a tad too light to balance out the pull of the dark cocoa.

Nonetheless, a lovely little treat during tea time (or fika), I suppose.

Mmm, mint. I think I will now make myself a cup of peppermint tea, or strong black coffee to go along with this...


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