Coffee Review: Gevalia India Malabar Ground Coffee

Gevalia India Malabar. Image credit: Google

Oh Gevalia, how I love thee (second to Lindvall's, though).

Introducing Gevalia's India Malabar Ground Coffee, a dark roast coffee blend with hints of chocolate and a touch of smoke. I discovered this particular blend when the store at Ofvandahl's in Uppsala Sweden told me they used "Indian coffee", by which I think they meant Indian dark roast coffee.

For those of us residing in Southeast Asia, this is quite similar to the typical coffee we enjoy here which is darker in roast. However, whilst we typically drink robusta beans which has been roasted with hearty doses of sugar and fatty margarine, Gevalia's India Malabar Ground Coffee is made of Arabica beans which tends to be more flavourful and less cloying on the tongue.

I much prefer this blend to regular dark roast robusta, to be honest.

A decent blend to try, if you enjoy richer tasting coffees. 


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