{{Bag Review}}: Fjällräven Kånken 13 Laptop Bag

Before I begin, here's a little rant:
You do not -I repeat- do not, pronounce Fjällräven Kånken as "fall raven kenken" as so many people have done on YouTube.
The letter "J" sounds like "Y" in English.
"ä" and "å" are legitimate letters with specific pronunciation.

Fjällräven Kånken is pronounced somewhat like "F-yeah-lle-r-air-ven k-awn-ken".

/End rant

I never thought I'd ever buy this bag. Ever.

I see it everywhere in Singapore being carried by superficial fashionistas and posers and found the bag odd, if not strange. 

Fast forward a year later, I am in Sweden and I see TONS of people carrying this bag. You cannot walk for 5 metres in the university grounds without seeing a Swede carrying this bag around. Intrigued, I found out that it is actually a Swedish brand and the bag has been manufactured since 80's. Fjällräven is actually a company that specialises in outdoor clothing and accessories, and the bag was born as a rugged, tough, hardy companion for school kids. H told me it was common for Swedish school kids to go out on trips to the woods/forests and thus a nice, durable bag like Fjällräven Kånken was extremely apt. To top it off, the bag boasted the ability to help with back problems.

As of today, I've been carrying the bag for 7 months or so and some of the threads are running a little. However, it still remains unbeatable in terms of weight distribution (read: comfortable bag) and is spacious and roomy enough for random stuff. A gripe though, is the 13' is smaller than Kånken Classic so if you're gonna stuff a fairly thick sweater in it, it's gonna get filled to the brim. :(

Overall, I like this bag and am intending a second purchase.

Also, please don't bother buying a Kånken from Carousell as they're all possibly fakes and marked up. If you wanna get a fake one, just buy it from Taobao instead of getting ripped off for buying something "real". It's not.  The imitations look very alike the real one, but their fabric is not Vinylon-F, so there is a difference which you can tell in terms of the structure (real ones are boxy) and stiffness of the fabric, along with its odd dust-attracting ability.

Till next time, lovelies.


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