Coffee Review: Lindvall's Kaffe Brygg (Mellanrost)

Lindvalls Kaffe Brygg, approx 33kronor 

Hello y'all. I hope you've been doing great :D

Recently I bought a bag of grounded coffee from ICA and that started my European coffee obsession (lol). After trying several brands of Scandinavian coffee, I reckon I should review them. I've always thought of myself as a tea lover and often do not drink coffee except at Starbucks (pfft, it doesn't seem so great now..).

First up is Lindvall's Kaffe Brygg, a medium-roast coffee that is said to be suited for everyday drinking. It comes in 3 variations, colour coded in dark green, light green and red banners that represent extra fine ground, organic ground and normal fine ground respectively. The red one is suited for my french press, though I think it is bordering on being too finely grounded for a french press. Alternatively, you can use the regular coffee filter + filter paper combo to brew this.

Anyway, I love this particular coffee blend because it is so full-bodied and aromatic. Made of 100% arabica beans, it is a rich brown colour with cocoa tones and mild sweetness, possibly because the beans are not roasted too darkly. H likes it very concentrated, so I often put 4-6 rounded coffee spoons for just 2 cups of coffee! I love seeing the coffee oils at the top of the drink, and inhaling the aroma before I drink it with one sugar cube and some milk. Perfect to pair with a nice little dessert as well, I'd say.

Because Lindvall's Kaffe is presently a relatively small company, I hardly see its products outside of Uppsala, where I am currently residing. I'd be sure to lug a couple back to Singapore :p

Mmm, mellanrost. 


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