Cafe Review: Ofvandahls Hovkonditori in Uppsala

If you are in Uppsala, you must visit Ofvandahls Hovkonditori. Open by baker-poet Erik Ofvandahl in the 1878, it is  the oldest cafe in Uppsala. Ofvandahls Hovkonditori is a beauty with its antique decor and homely atmosphere.

I am quite an addict to this place, for it is unpretentious and serves up lovely, soul-comforting food. Also, prices are really great for students, where a lovely student baguette (j├Ąttebaguette) meal costs 59kr while a delicious tomato soup(soppa) meal costs 69kr. Or, if you are feeling like having a tea time treat (fika, as what they say in Swedish), a cake and coffee set for student costs just 55kr. That is significantly lower than many cafes in Uppsala.

Perhaps what I truly enjoy is the coffee they serve here.  In a room beside the front of the store, there is coffee stored in a classic looking gold-toned dispenser, along with a small milk container and some sugar cubes. So dark, so rich, it almost feels like you are drinking chocolate…truly a treat. I noticed it is free-refill as well, so drink away. 

Water jugs, flavoured with freshly cut cucumber, oranges and lemon slices, are also available to rinse your mouth from any caffeine stains.

Ah, Ofvandahls, I will miss you when I leave here.


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