{{Food Review}}: Tart Blanc

Hello people!

Today will be a food review of Tart Blanc, a cute little cafe situated at Millenia Walk, Singapore. 
I was strolling by the area with my friend and we were deciding where to have our meal when we chanced upon this cute little cafe. The store is really small, with just 3-4 tables in there but the decor was truly beautiful. It is a modern minimalist decor where everything is white, flawless and neat. OCDs would probably approve of this place.

Oo pretty lights!
The lunch promotion seems great! At $9.90 you could get a main and a drink, which can be a coffee or one of their exquisite gourmet tea. Mmm, I'm a total tea sucker so that got me running into their store.
But wait, the surprise doesn't end there!

What is that I spy? Pretty little tarts? Oh my!
Upon entering, I realised that what is so delightful about their food offerings is the range of tarts they had (oh wait, it's called Tart Blanc, doh!). Just staring at how perfectly made and adorably small they are made me squeal internally like a little girl.

Normally such intricately-made desserts are exorbitantly priced, with one averaging around $10 in town. But here, it costs $7.50 and with the lunch promotion, you needed to add only $6.00! Oh heck yes, I thought. I am so getting the meal+drink+tart promotion.

For the main, I got the tortilla wrapped mushroom and beef meal, served with mini potatoes and a small salad that had balsamic vinegar dressing. I liked that you could choose the type of bread, filling and salad dressing for the main to really customise your order.

The tortilla was crisp and wonderfully fragrant, thanks to the onions in the filling. 
My only gripe was that the filing was arranged such that you can not cut it without it oozing out everywhere and leaving you in a mess (or perhaps my fine dining skills just fail, that's all).

My friend got the same thing, except his bread was wholemeal(I think..).

And next, desserts!
We took such a long time staring at their desserts. Should I get the chocolate one? No, too plain and generic. Or the fruits? Oh....

I ended up with the Pumpkin Crack Tart, a tart that's back due to popular demand.

My friend got the Raspberry Lavender Chocolate Tart

Pumpkin Crack Tart wasn't pumpkin-like at all. I could barely taste the pumpkin in it (a good thing for me because I dread the taste of pumpkin given how my dad loves boiling some every week). Like melt-in-your-mouth cream, this icing-sugar-sweet dessert just disappears almost instantaneously when you taste it.

Raspberry Lavender Chocolate Tart on the other hand was kinda like a dark-rich-tutti-fruity pastry. Upon tasting it, the myriad of tastes just explodes in your mouth. First is the sweetness of the tart, quickly followed by the bursts of sourness of the berries and then the lavender-laden dark chocolate base. A really interesting dessert.

My only gripe is that the tarts was rather hard and we had to use knives to cut it.

Overall, I liked my meal at Tart Blanc. Would likely pop by there if I'm hanging around the area next time.

Have you tried Tart Blanc? Did you like the food sold there? Do tell! :)


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